Who should be interested? Who can join?

Any third party can join the alliance if they wish to become part of to debate and enhance current technologies for heterogeneity included under the Alliance.
Also, organizations can take a more relevant role by sharing their own technologies and tools that could complement, extend, improve or collaborate on any of the relevant areas of heterogeneity .

  • Research Projects
  • Standardization Bodies and other Technology Associations
  • Technology Communities
  • Open Source Communities
  • Companies
  • Other Stakeholders

Why should I care?

Organizations in the field of heterogeneity should care because:

  • Heterogeneity is becoming more and more relevant, and the creation of technologies and tools for it is now starting to ramp up. Thus, organizations that are in the research area or business of heterogeneity, should be interested in knowing about State of The Art and trending topics, and interacting with other researchers and market players to participate as an active player developing the initiative from the very beginning.
  • The Alliance main goal is to leverage on the idea of creating a common approach which will help other third parties, like your institution, to promote and advance your technologies under a common and stronger branding.
  • Why should I join the Heterogeneity Alliance?

  • You want to be able to participate in a network that influences/shapes the heterogeneity research and market as a relevant player.
  • Your organization may contribute to the reference architecture, bring your tools and methods to the Catalogue, help us in promotion, joint to publications, come to our workshops, know who is working in the field,...
  • What are the benefits for me?

    Participating organizations will benefit from:

  • Interacting with other organizations involved in the full life-cycle of heterogeneity
  • Gaining visibility of technologies/tools in the area of heterogeneity
  • Leveraging value in collaboration with other complementary technologies or tools shared in the alliance (common APIs, standards, integrated tools, open source toolbox)
  • Gather market intelligence by interacting with competitors or potential partners.
  • Creating opportunities, visibility and relevance that benefit from a collaborative approach that leverages synergies among all members and the market.
  • You want to benefit from a much stronger ecosystem involving a number of stakeholders in the same technological areas.