What is the Heterogeneity Alliance?

The alliance will be a formal association (non-profit & non-legal) formed of different organizations (read below) that will be managed by a governance structure, and will pursue a common objective: influence the H-HW&SW market. The alliance will focus on all phases of applications for H-HW&SW to enable a new wave of development and execution tools for next-generation applications:

  • from design time,
  • to enhanced execution,
  • to parallel programming,
  • and to an optimized runtime in a number of dimensions (energy, performance, data locality and security among others)

Heterogeneity Alliance Goal

Heterogeneity Alliance goal is to join efforts of organizations interested in the development of future technologies and tools to advance, and take full advantage, of computing and applications using heterogeneous hardware (H-HW&SW). Its main goal is to create an association in which anyone interested in the following technological areas (listed below) can collaborate pursuing a common objective:

  • founding an association with a common purpose of interaction, discussion and collaboration with other entities involved in any technological field related with the full life-cycle of H-HW&SW ,
  • supporting the creation of a common and an extendable set of technologies and tools (assets) around development for heterogeneous hardware, shared as open-source, which can be improved for mass adoption utilizing technologies,
  • in which all members will collaboratively take charge of promoting, supporting, and enhancing the assets shared by the Alliance,
  • and benefiting from the synergies, opportunities, visibility and relevance that the community around H-HW&SW can generate for their own objectives