Gobernance Structure

The governance of the Alliance will be simple and based on a management body called Alliance Board which is formed by a maximum of 6 representatives from the Alliance members.
All Alliance members will belong to the board at some point..
The Board will be rotating every six months.

The main responsibilities of the Alliance Board are:

  • Proposing activities to enrich and activate the Alliance
  • Decide about proposed activities by other Alliance members
  • Carry out the action plan for implementing the proposed activities
  • Ensure the public publication of all produced work by the Alliance members
  • Represent the Alliance in events and forums where it will be presented
  • Approved new members of the Alliance
  • Ensure the fulfilment of the Collaboration Agreement terms by all members
  • Maintenance of the Alliance web site

The Alliance Board must appoint every six months an Alliance Coordinator who will coordinate the Board activities and organize the work plan. The Board will meet bi-monthly to assess the progress of the action plan and to take new decisions about new tasks.
The Alliance members will meet at least once year in the HIPEAC annual conference, where they will be invited to participate of a General Assembly.