Think Silicon S.A. is specialized in designing and developing ultra low-power IP semiconductor cores in the field of computer graphics. Our product portfolio includes multicore Graphics Processors and Display controllers. We are currently designing a heterogeneous GPU targeting mainly the IoT and Wearable market. Apart from the GPU HW, we are developing the GPU libraries and drivers as well as profiling tools for multicore GPUs.

In the field of GPUs, the programming APIs are mostly defined by the Khronos group. We are working in developing the low level implementation (driver) of OpenGL and Vulkan API assuming a heterogeneous multicore GPU. Our role in the Alliance is mainly from the end-user perspective. We would like to get a better understating of the proposed technology, apply this technology in our GPU HW and profiling tools and providing feedback to the alliance as GPU HW vendor. Our GPU profiling tools are being developed as part of an EU-funded project called LPGPU2 (, from which we will establish an active communication link between this alliance and the LPGPU2 project.