EIFFAGE globally is heavily investing in development of new technologies that can improve industry operations and people’s life. Teseo, as the Italian subsidiary of EIFFAGE Group, has several direct interests in the Alliance, including contribution to the growth of the heterogeneity market leveraging on the experience made during the decades and in a H2020 project on Ultra low power and low power heterogeneous architectures called OPERA. The aims of Teseo is to focalize its effort via the Alliance in moving toward Society 4.0 (the change is not just Industry), improving all day technologies and facilities with new products and solutions. As an inducted benefit, let available to the Alliance TESEO peculiar skills such as system integrator, Hardware/Firmware/Software co-design and its RF/EMC laboratory for all R&D testing phases for the products.

The contributions expected to the Alliance are to give expertise on the following aspects: hardware/firmware/software design or co-design, hardware/firmware/software integrations and RF/EMC Testing