With the membership to the Alliance, SODALITE, in general, expects knowledge exchange and fostering a network for future collaborations with other projects, SODALITE's partners will have enter in the future. SODALITE expects tracking of more events that are within SODALITE's interest, will be possible with the membership.

Crucially, the SODALITE Consortium expects it will receive feedback on its own scientific and business activity and provide impressions on heterogeneity challenges.

Concretely, it is SODALITE's interest to find out about new methodologies and tools to work with, discover new collaboration and contributions at a technical level and to enhance SODALITE's technology and shorten the time-to-market.

Compute environments are changing. They are becoming more heterogeneous, with highly specific and optimised infrastructure focusing on particular tasks (e.g. accelerators/GPUs, configurable processors and non-x86 CPUs such as ARMv8). The management of this infrastructure is becoming quite cumbersome and, additionally, suboptimal, as the complexity of the environment surpasses the abilities of fixed management strategies. SODALITE provides application developers and infrastructure operators the tools for the management of heterogeneous applications on diverse infrastructure while focusing on performance, quality, manageability, and reliability of execution. SODALITE expects to contribute to the Alliance with its work on the topic and also with potential liaisons contributing to dissemination activities such as workshop(s) participation, research papers, scientific magazines, and other academia channels.