IUMA-ULPGC is a research center linked to Hipeac network, and a established and certified NVIDIA CUDA Research Center in Europe. It is also a reference center for ADA 2012 Run Time Environment supporting Ada Core NY and Paris (IUMA also supported RTE of ADA 95 and Ada 2005). IUMA works in GPU, Hardware Accelerators, and MPSoC, including many-cores. IUMA does work in many phases of applications for H-HW&SW to support development and execution tools for next-generation applications: from design time and design space exploration to enhanced execution, to parallel programming, and to an optimized runtime regarding energy, performance, data locality and security. Sharing the goals of the Alliance IUMA is interested in interaction, discussion and collaboration with other entities involved in any technological field related with the full life-cycle of H-HW&SW , supporting the creation of a common set of technologies and tools around development for heterogeneous hardware, shared as open-source, which can be improved for mass adoption utilizing technologies, in which all members will collaboratively take charge of promoting, supporting, and enhancing the assets shared by the Alliance, and benefiting from the synergies, opportunities, visibility and relevance that the community around H-HW&SW can generate for their own objectives. IUMA wants to leverage tools and technologies to advance, and take full advantage of, future- applications that use heterogeneous architectures. IUMA would like also to contribute work in joint european projects and initiatives.

IUMA can contribute tools and technologies in the areas of parallel languages, parallel programming, GPU programming, and design space exploration for HW-SW accelerators. IUMA has expertise in ASIC and FPGA and GPU-FPGA implementations of HW-SW accelerators following optimised design flows from High Level and System Level ESL in various target IC technologies. IUMA can also share expertise in the applied field of Multiscalar and Hiperspectral Image Processing, Machine Learning, Classification, and Data Science and Analytics problems. Other application fields include High Speed Network processors for Deep Packet Inspection and Cibersecurity. IUMA-ULPGC is working on heterogeneous embedded systems in various national and international projects (including ESA projects) and they are very interested to widen their approaches and cooperation. Together with space and air drone embedded applications IUMA also contributes work for submarine embededd developments in aquaculture problems and marine glider requirements for onboard navigation electronics.