The Heterogeneity Alliance will be again at the HIPEAC Conference which will take place from 20 to 22 of January 2020 in Bologna (Italy). The Alliance workshop will be on 20th January from 10 to 17 and will be focused on presenting the vision and activities of the Heterogeneity Alliance promoted by several EU projects and organizations. The Alliance is aiming at joining forces around heterogeneity challenges. The workshop aims at attracting new members for the Alliance and to validate with HIPEAC community the initiative and the produced results so far. The workshop will go also deeply into the different and complementary approaches and assets to address the identified challenges. The Alliance will present its Manifesto about how envisages the future of heterogeneous computing and will present its book about challenges and vision of heterogeneous computing architectures.

All people interested in knowing how will be the future of hardware and software in an heterogeneous world or working on related matters which could be of interest of the Alliance members will be nicely welcome to attend. Do not miss the opportunity to come and learn, share and envisage with us about heterogeneity!!

Monday, January 20, 2020
Bologna, Italy