European Extreme Performing Big Data Stacks

E2Data proposes an end-to-end solution for Big Data deployments that will fully exploit and advance the state-of-the- art in infrastructure services by delivering a performance increase while utilizing less cloud resources.

E2Data will provide a new Big Data paradigm, by combining state-of-the-art software components, in order to achieve maximum resource utilization for heterogeneous cloud deployments without affecting current programming norms (i.e. no code changes in the original source).

The evaluation will be conducted on both high-performing x86 and low-power ARM cluster architectures representing realistic execution scenarios of real-world deployments in four resource-demanding applications from the finance, health, green buildings, and security domains.

Tornado is a practical heterogeneous programming framework for Java, Tornado enables automatic Just-In-Time (JIT) compilation and acceleration of Java programs on any OpenCL compatible device, such as multi-core CPUs, GPUs and FPGAs.

Tornado provides a minimal parallel task-based API (Application Programming Interface) that programmers can use to express computation to be offloaded and accelerated on GPUs and FPGAs and multi-core CPUs.
Furthermore, Tornado includes a runtime that automatically manages and optimises memory transfers between heterogeneous devices and the main CPU. The Tornado JIT compiler extends the new Oracle Graal JIT compiler with new information that guides the compilation and optimisation process for heterogeneous architectures, allowing to reuse and easily extend typical JVM optimisations for new heterogeneous devices.

Reference Architecture:
  • Layer 2
  • Java
  • OpenCL
  • Graal
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