The Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) is the Spanish national supercomputing facility which mission is to do research, develop and manage information technologies to facilitate scientific progress. The Computer Sciences Department at BSC aims at influencing in the way of computers are build and program as well as adapting current hardware and software technologies to make efficient use of supercomputing infrastructures. One of the key research and development areas of the Computer Sciences department is parallel programming models which are able to deal with heterogeneous computing resources at different levels (platform and node level). BSC is interested in the Alliance to share its expertise and create synergies with other tools and member with the aim of improving the programmability and usage of current and future heterogeneous computing platforms.

BSC will be an active participant of the Heterogeneity Alliance collaborating in the alliance working groups, and it will contribute to the catalog with the integrated version of COMPSs and OmpSs programming models and runtimes. As consequence of the collaboration with the Alliance members, we expect to identify new use cases for extending and developing innovative features for the BSC programming models and increasing the BSC programming model adoption. Due to the BSC experience in programming models, it can potentially lead the area of programming models for heterogeneous parallel architectures proposing activities to find synergies with other programming models, runtimes, and other middleware components. These activities can include the integration of programming model runtimes and middleware components to leverage complementary functionalities or to support new platforms, or the identification of common features to submit joint proposals to standardization bodies such as OpenMP.