SODALITE Deployment Refactoring

Deployment refactoring capability can detect the violations in the application performance objectives/ SLAs based on runtime monitoring data, and refactor the current deployment of an application to maintain or improve performance objectives.

SODALITE Semantic Reasoner

This innovation provides the semantic repository that will host the models (ontologies) for modeling abstract and target resource types, resource patterns, deployment patterns, dependencies, inconsistencies, etc.

SODALITE Monitoring Tools

The Monitoring Tools is a set of components responsible for monitoring infrastructure and applications deployed using the SODALITE Orchestrator, supporting deployments on OpenStack, HPC (Torque) and Kubernetes.

SODALITE Lightweight Orchestrator

This SODALITE tool is a lightweight orchestrator compliant with OASIS TOSCA. The current compliance is with the TOSCA Simple Profile in YAML v1.3. It is currently focusing on higher-level IaC management platforms like, e.g., Ansible.

Device Emulator

The Device Emulator finds an efficient mapping of the application tasks onto the nodes/cores in low time, i.e., which application task should run on each node/core.