University of Cantabria

Main interest in the Alliance is to take advantage and to contribute to the interaction, discussion and collaboration opportunities with other entities involved in the full life-cycle of H-HW&SW, particularly companies, that the Alliance is bringing.

University of Cantabria is willing to share the modeling, simulation, schedulability, performance and security analysis and design, verification and synthesis methods and tools for H-HW/SW.

University of Siena

Since years, we are working on a programming library, PHAST library, to enable single-source sequential coding and automatically obtain high-performance code for (currently) multi-cores and NVIDIA GPUs. The major objectives of the PHAST approach were, and are, allowing programmers to work at high-level, to promote high productivity while still maintain the selective possibility to reach lower-level details, if and when needed, to specify ad-hoc targeting.

We expect to complement the work done by other groups in our field of expertize, described before, and therefore bring in our experience in the PHAST approach to rise the level of abstraction over parallel programming of heterogeneous architectures with performance. This way, our work can get a boost being involved in the activities of a highly qualified and heterogeneous (!) alliance as HHWSW one. Dually, we deem that we can bring in a different perspective vision, and practical approach, for bridging the gap between the complexities of parallel programming in itself and the heterogeneity of requirements that typically need to be exposed to the programmer from current heterogeneous architectures featuring multi- and many-core architectures. Our library will be released on our web site soon in a demo version for an easy early adoption.

University of Ulm

University of Ulm is working on heterogeneous embedded systems (in particular on the operating system level) in various national and international projects and they are very interested to widen their approaches and further the discussion.

It contributes to the Alliance with background expertise in distributed heterogeneous hardware and software, ranging from SoC to complex HPC infrastructures.

VINEYARD project (non-active)

VINEYARD’s goal is to develop the technology and the ecosystem that will enable the efficient integration of the hardware acceleration in the data center applications, seamlessly. The deployment of heterogeneous energy-efficient hardware accelerators will be used to improve significantly the performance of cloud computing applications and reduce the energy consumption in data centers.

VINEYARD is willing to actively contribute in the development of the standards and frameworks that will allow the broad adoption of hardware accelerators in the future heterogeneous data centers.

WINGS ICT Solutions

WINGS ICT Solutions is interested in the Alliance, as we do have the experience and expertise to actively contribute to different phases of applications for H-HW&SW.

WINGS ICT Solutions aims at contributing to the respective discussions and activities for the development of future technologies for applications using heterogeneous hardware and software.