Aalborg University Copenhagen

Aalborg University Copenhagen (AAU) is interested in joining the Alliance to participate in the active discussions of the state of the art in the area of het


Atos, as one of the largest IT services company worldwide, is interested in initiatives like this Alliance due to the incremental number of services that now

Barcelona Supercomputing Center

The Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) is the Spanish national supercomputing facility which mission is to do research, develop and manage information tec

Certios B.V.

Certios is interested in sharing ideas, tap into a potentially very interesting international network, and start up new research projects with other members.

CPSoSaware project

As new project in the CPS domain, we are interesting to create liaisons with other members of the alliance and promote/expand the CPSoSaware vision.

DITAS project (non-active)

DITAS project is interested in participating in the Alliance to share the knowledge acquired during the project in related aspects to heterogeneity

E2Data project (NON-ACTIVE)

As part of the upcoming H2020 E2Data project, we are interested in exploiting heterogeneous hardware resources on Big Data stacks.

EcoScale project (non-active)

ECOSCALE tackles the challenge to reach exascale performance in current HPC servers.

EXA2PRO project

EXA2PRO project is developing a framework for the efficient deployment of applications in heterogeneous (pre-)exascale computing systems.


FORTH interest in the Alliance is to design and use of heterogeneous platforms and accelerators, runtime systems, and systems software for datacenter and HPC

Hercules project (non-active)

HERCULES project provides the required technological infrastructure to obtain an order-of-magnitude improvement in the cost and power consumption of next gen


HiDALGO aims to solve a wide range of global challenges in different areas such as sociology, economy, ecology and technology.


InAccel is interested in joining the Alliance as providers of a run-time system and hardware accelerators for heterogeneous cloud and HPC computing systems.

IUMA-ULPGC Institute for Applied Microelectronics, University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

IUMA-ULPGC is a research center linked to Hipeac network, and a established and certified NVIDIA CUDA Research Center in Europe.

LINKS Fondazione

We develop cutting-edge technologies and innovative processes applied to real cases with an entrepreneurial approach, multidisciplinary and problem solving o

OPERA project (non-active)

Share results from the OPERA project which main achievements are on Computing continuum, Low Power Scalable Form Factor Data Center, workload decomposition,

P-Socrates project (non-active)

P-SOCRATES project has developed an entirely new design framework to facilitate the deployment of standardized parallel architectures in all kinds of systems

RAPID project (non-active)

RAPID tackles the challenge of how many low-power devices or embedded systems cannot always cope with the increased demand for processing power, memory and s

SHARCS project (non-active)

SHARCS aims at designing, building and demonstrating secure-by-design system architectures that achieve end-to-end security for their users.


With the membership to the Alliance, SODALITE, in general, expects knowledge exchange and fostering a network for future collaborations with other projects,

Stream HPC

Stream HPC (StreamComputing) has been involved in GPU-computing for 10 years, one of the heterogeneous hardware considered by the Alliance

TANGO project (non-active)

TANGO project is aiming at simplifying and optimising software for heterogeneous devices with especial focus on performance and energy efficiency.

Teseo S.p.A

EIFFAGE globally is heavily investing in development of new technologies that can improve industry operations and people’s life.

The University of Manchester

University of Manchester is interested in joining the Heterogeneity Alliance to disseminate their results in the domain across diverse projects and also to f

Think Silicon S.A.

Think Silicon S.A. is specialized in designing and developing ultra low-power IP semiconductor cores in the field of computer graphics.

University of Cantabria

Main interest in the Alliance is to take advantage and to contribute to the interaction, discussion and collaboration opportunities with other entities invol

University of Leeds

Interest in all aspects of heterogeneous computing.

University of Siena

Since years, we are working on a programming library, PHAST library, to enable single-source sequential coding and automatically obtain high-performance cod

University of Ulm

University of Ulm is working on heterogeneous embedded systems (in particular on the operating system level) in various national and international projects a

VINEYARD project (non-active)

VINEYARD’s goal is to develop the technology and the ecosystem that will enable the efficient integration of the hardware acceleration in the data center app