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  • The Alliance for addressing Heterogeneity challenges

    The Heterogeneity Alliance is a network of research projects and organizations to share common and holistic view (reference architecture) on heterogeneity related matters and challenges,

    to jointly promote solutions and research results in the domain

    and to deliver a Catalogue of assets which can be open source software tools, methods and knowledge which are mapped to the functional blocks of the reference architecture to provide valuable solutions

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  • The Alliance Reference Architecture and Catalogue are here

    check out all the tools and technologies that we are sharing with the community

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Current Activities

Defining the Common Architecture & Catalogue of Tools

Establishing Working Groups (periodic meetings & sessions)

Governance Structure & Membership Agreement

Leverage Visibility at HiPEAC, Launch Event, Website & Materials (demonstrators & Success Stories & Catalogue)

We pursue creating an Alliance

we are creating an alliance of organizations interested in technologies & tools related to heterogeneous hardware:

development operations and optimization

of energy, performance & more

Latest News

In the context of HIPEAC conference, the Heterogeneity Alliance organized its annual workshop on 20th January 2021. This year there was a previous call for papers for populating of content the workshop. The workshop was a success in terms of content and attendance. Seven speakers from industry and academia were providing their views and research on architecture, orchestration, modelling, simulation and energy efficiency in heterogeneous environments. The session was recorded, so you can watch it again in the provided link. Thanks to all presenters and attendees. See you next year at HIPEAC!

Workshop HA

The Heterogeneity Alliance has organized its annual workshop as usual at the HIPEAC conference, one of the biggest European forums for experts in computer architecture, programming models, compilers and operating systems for embedded and general-purpose systems.

The Heterogeneity Alliance will be again at the HIPEAC Conference which will take place from 20 to 22 of January 2020 in Bologna (Italy).

Clara Pezuela, the TANGO project coordinator and current chairman of the Heterogeneity Alliance, is interviewed about objective, benefits and activities of the initiative.

Joint workshop of three Heterogeneity Alliance projects (TANGO, ECOSCALE and RAPID) was held at the CWS HIPEAC in Heraklion on 30th October. 25 people attended the presentation of the goal and activities of the Alliance along with the three research projects objectives and outcomes.